About Us

About Us

CCI are the leading calibration, instrumentation and certification company in the industry, and we service a range of industries which include food manufacturing, brewery/wineries, pharmaceuticals and many more.

Our company has a combined 100 years of experience in the industry, making us one of the longest operating and most reliable companies in the calibration and instrumentation industry today.

All of our technicians are fully licenced and able to complete any task associated with our company which include equipment testing, installation and maintenance.

    CCI provides many services which include:

  • Instrumentation design, selection and installation, including technical specification and supporting documentation.
  • Instrument certification, calibration and maintenance.
  • Process control automation.
  • Shutdown support.
  • Auditing and reporting.
  • Customer Data Base
  • Critical function testing.
  • Offsite workshop services.
  • Labour hire.

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