Electrical safety, reliability and efficiency are fundamental to the success of any operating facility. At Control Certification and Instrumentation we can take care of all your electrical needs from installation through to operation and maintenance.

At Control Certification and Instrumentation we specialise in industrial applications. Industries that we service include Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Refinery, Pulp and Paper, Water Treatment, Food & Beverage and the Chemical manufacturing industries.

At Control Certification and Instrumentation we don’t compromise on Safety or Quality. We conduct all work with a direct focus on providing the best possible service and outcomes to our customers

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A quality install will ensure that your electrical equipment operates safely and reliably. Many reliability or operational issues stem from poor installation practices.

At Control Certification and Instrumentation we utilise best industry practices, while strictly adhering to site and Australian standards to ensure the integrity of our customers' installations. All our technicians are trained and qualified in EEHA allowing us to install, inspect and maintain equipment in hazardous areas.

Development of Field Installation Checklists (FIC) and Mechanical Completion Checklists (MC) allow us to capture any non-conformities in our installation. At Control Certification and Instrumentation we record all the base-line electrical data and we provide our customers with detailed documentation at the completion of the installation.

Ensuring all electrical equipment is installed correctly will greatly reduce downtime and operational expenditure. Poor installation practices will increase the chance of equipment failure, intermittent faults and plant shutdowns.

Trust in Control Certification and Instrumentation to get it done right.

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Control Certification and Instrumentation are your commissioning and completion specialists. We provide commissioning expertise to the mining, oil & gas and heavy industry sectors.

Our quality systems ensure that all required documentation is completed and signed off prior to project completion. Installation and Testing Procedures (ITP) are produced referencing relevant Field Installation Checklists (FIC). These checklists ensure all equipment has been configured correctly and thoroughly tested prior to energy being switched on, in a safe and controlled way.

Control Certification and Instrumentation ensure that your plant and equipment are fit for purpose, and operate as designed. We achieve this by working with our clients to understand their control philosophy and then developing stringent test procedures. We never forget that each business has unique systems and protocols.

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At Control Certification and Instrumentation, we work with our clients to ensure their facility is maintained throughout the life cycle of plant.

We can provide all your maintenance services from the development of maintenance strategies to the implementation of continuous improvement campaigns. Our electrical instrumentation technicians have diverse backgrounds in many different heavy industry applications and always work with our clients to deliver the best results.

Electrical instrumentation maintenance is required all the way through your equipment lifecycle. Instro Service are can provide a comprehensive servicing and maintenance schedule to ensure optimum efficiency of your plant and equipment. Our maintenance service is available 24/7 and we are on call whenever our clients need us.

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Choosing to work with Control Certification and Instrumentation ensures that your company is fully compliant with all workplace electrical safety regulation

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