Industrial instrumentation

Instrumentation is a device that can measure or control a physical quantity that is associated with an automated control system. They are used to ensure the safety and efficiency of any automated operating facility.

Any components of the instrumentation device that are improperly commissioned and inadequately maintained can cause a decline in the efficiency of an operating facility. They can also cause hazardous accidents within certain safety systems.

CCI-Australia - Industrial Instrumentation


Our main objective is to ensure all components are installed correctly and safely. We do this because we understand what can happen to your production if things aren't correctly installed.

We work with our clients to ensure that all the equipment that we install meets the standards of manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand. All our experienced technicians are able to notice if an installation isn't right and can recommend fixes and alternative options to consider.

Our objective is for all installed devices to work from the start up and run as intended with no negative impact on production.

CCI-Australia - Installation


Our team works closely with the clients in order to develop installation and testing procedures (ITPs). ITPs are a significant part of our quality control systems which help ensure all relevant checks are done prior to commissions.

During the commissioning process, our technician will ensure that the process control equipment is:

  • Installed to the manufacturers specifications
  • Installed to site, AS/NZS and IEC standards
  • Ranged and calibrated according to instrument data sheet.

Final handover of the commissioned equipment will include:

  • Marked up as-built drawings
  • Completed ITPs and other relevant documents
  • Compatible with the process conditions
  • Manufacturers supplied manuals

When using CCI, you can ensure a seamless transfer of operations, while knowing all the equipment will operate as intended.

CCI-Australia - Commissioning

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