Shutdown Support

Shutdown Support

When it comes down to Shutdown Support, CCI are the industry leaders. We work with our clients to organize and execute tasks that will maximize productivity during the shutdown period, as well as a seamless start-up. In the initial stage, we source overhaul kits which allow our skilled technicians to repair equipment as needed during the process.

At CCI, we believe in keeping our clients informed throughout the entire process, which allows you to have an in-depth understanding of what is happening with your plant and your equipment. This is a resource that can't be understated as it will be essential for future maintenance.

CCI-Australia - Shutdown Support

Safety Always Comes First

We understand the associated risks with shutdowns and take steps to ensure all jobs are done in the safest manner possible.

All our technicians understand the risks associated with shutdowns and perform detailed JSEAs to identify any potential dangers and put in procedures to best avoid them.

CCI-Australia - Safet is our priority

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Choosing to work with Control Certification and Instrumentation ensures that your company is fully compliant with all workplace electrical safety regulation

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